Correction and Amplification-“Rising Rates–A Knockout Blow?”

CORRECTION–The time frame in the initial publication of “Rising Rates–A knockout Blow?” was incorrectly stated at 8 years (An extreme case–1974-1982). The actual time frame coinciding with the stated investment performance of stocks and the 10-year Treasury should have been read as 7 years (@1975-1982). AMPLIFICATION–It has been suggested to me by a friend and […]

Pay attention!

Sell All Stocks!!!

I Urge You to pay close attention to this post I have an important point to make with this article. It has very much to do with human nature and why you clicked on this post. It is our propensity to run to the negative, my headline being just that (unless, of course, you are a bear and […]

“Pity The Fool” CORRECTION

Contrary to my latest post “Pity the Fool”,  Mr. T (Lawrence Tureaud) is alive, well and living in Chicago, Illinois. Mea Culpa!

The "Mighty Casey"

” … There’s no joy in Mudville … “

Our Mudville, of course, is Wall Street. What is unbelievable is that unlike the ‘Mighty Casey’, Wall Street’s market is not striking out. And, it hasn’t really struck out since the dark days of 2008/2009, despite the fact that there has been a choir of experts, pundits, talking heads and politicians telling us daily why […]