Session 21—Whistling Through The Graveyard—Hats off to CNBC!!

BillIt is very rare when I have something nice to say about CNBC. But I do today.  They conducted an excellent interview this morning with Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman of Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Group…a very credible source.  Becky Quick and Joe Kiernan were extremely differential to Mr. Mobius and his long, distinguished career managing money.  Interestingly, you might note toward the end of the piece what appears to be an “Aha” moment for Mr. Kiernan, as he seems to get why (contrary to his long held skepticism) the market has been doing so well and why this good performance might last a long time.

This is a far-ranging interview that deals with the goings on in North Korea, Japan’s attempt to reflate itself and markets around the world, capped off by some very bullish comments on equities. Now the interview took place about 7:15 EDT today, but I hope they continue to run excerpts (or replay it) for the not-so-early birds and as a counter to today’s hype about the employment data (only 88,000 new jobs).

Here is a little tease:

Investors are starting to “wake-up to the reality” that stocks are the only way for them to get real returns on their money, Mark Mobius, executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group, told CNBC on Friday.  Hyperlink to interview.

This interview is definitely worth your time.  Let me know what you think,

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