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  1. Dan Herr
    Dan Herr August 30, 2016 at 2:44 am | | Reply

    Hi, Bill –

    Thanks for another gentle jolt of (un)common sense, reminding us that the financial media, like all the rest of them, feel obliged to hype every story to make us think the world is actually a much scarier place than it really is. I guess the fearmongering is supposed to grip our attention but in my case it causes exactly the opposite response.

    I particularly appreciate your comment at the end that a correction, although uncomfortable and sometimes even frightening, is not the apocalypse.

    I also want to leave a personal message. I hope you didn’t have a wet basement or any other water damage with the recent downpour in Kansas City. (It should be getting harder and harder to be a climate change denier!)

    Caroline and I enjoyed meeting you and Regina on the trip. If you’re ever traveling out this way – southeastern PA – please feel free to look us up. We have a guest room (2 actually) that doesn’t get used nearly enough.

    Please also give our regards to David and Cheryl. I’m sorry the four of you left downtown Prague earlier than we did and we didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.

    – Dan (and Caroline)
    Lancaster, PA

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