Kort Session 4–How to Prepare for the Next Correction (Or Worse)

This is a really tough topic, because we don’t know exactly when it happens or from what level of the indices it will come.  One thing is certain it will become the next big question among the financial talkers and that some of their pronouncements will be very dire…. from 10 or 15% down to […]

Kort Session 3–Current Events

It is Monday, February 4, 2013 and if you managed to ride out the last 5 years your investments are back to even (hopefully better than that including the dividends).  If you took CNBC’s Jim Cramer’s unfortunate advice of October 6, 2008 and sold off that portion of your portfolio that you would need to […]

Session 2–Recent History

Recent History Before we get into the financial media portion of our work , I think it is important to talk about the political thrust of this blog.  There should not be one.  But because the “Party of Stupid”, as Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal, has called it has been so active in fear mongering, I […]

Session One

I am 67 years. I have spent the past four decades as a broker selling common stocks to individual investors and institutions.  I am addicted to the market and love my work I want to offer my experience and perspective as a tool for people to critically examine what they see and hear.  This is all in […]

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