Ladies and Gentlemen we have a Black Swan

Or, at least as of 11:30 PM CST November 8, 2016, the unimaginable (at least to me) may be about to occur — a Donald Trump Presidency. Dow futures are down 777 points (4.16%). Both S&P and Nasdaq futures have hit their down-5% collars and stopped trading (subsequently they have resumed trading). If the current trend in the vote holds, the carnage may likely continue. I cannot predict where it ends — but it will end.

Before you jump out the window, please consider the effect of this potential event on the sale of hamburgers at McDonalds, pharmaceuticals at Merck & Co., household products at Procter and Gamble, cell phone usage at Verizon and so on and so forth. I’m not a happy camper, but life will go on.

As to all the many awful and unconventional statements and promises made by candidate Trump —

“There’s many a slip ‘twixt the cup and the lip”

I truly hope the slippage begins immediately.

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